304 Stainless Steel Bars
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Bars & Shaft


Bars are typically long, straight metal sections with square, round or rectangular cross sections; shafts are cylindrical bars used for rotation in machinery and engines. Bars and shafts are essential components in various industries; constructed of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Ferrous metals such as stainless steel and carbon steel as well as duplex and super duplex steel provide strength and durability making them suitable for applications requiring robust structural support such as construction, automotive or machinery manufacturing.

Non-ferrous metals like aluminum, copper and brass offer many advantages that non-ferrous metals don't - corrosion resistance, lightweight properties and excellent electrical conductivity being key examples. Non-ferrous materials have applications in aerospace systems as well as architectural designs.

Each bar and shaft's dimensions and material composition is chosen based on its intended application, to meet strength, durability, and functionality requirements. From construction projects to precision engineering applications, bars and shafts have become indispensable parts of products and structures around us.