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What is a control valve, and what is its function?

A control valve is a fundamental component in fluid and gas systems that plays a critical role in regulating the flow rate and pressure of the media passing through the pipeline. Its primary function is to control the flow of fluids or gases by varying the size of the passage through which the media flows. This adjustment is achieved by moving a mechanical element, often called the valve plug or disc, in response to signals from an external control system.

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By modulating the flow, a Control Valve ensures that the process operates within desired parameters, maintaining precision, stability, and efficiency. Control valves are widely used in various industries, including oil and gas, water treatment, chemical processing, and power generation, where accurate and reliable flow control is essential for the system's overall performance.

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Control Valves

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What are the different types of control valves available?

Various Control Valves are available in the market, each designed to suit specific applications and operational requirements. The most common types include globe, butterfly, ball, diaphragm, and gate valves. Globe valves are versatile and offer precise control due to their linear motion disc, making them suitable for applications requiring accurate flow modulation. Butterfly valves are known for quick and cost-effective shut-off capabilities, ideal for large pipelines and flow control with minimal pressure drop.

Ball Valves provide reliable on-off control with their rotating ball mechanism, suitable for high-pressure and high-temperature applications. Diaphragm valves use a flexible diaphragm to regulate flow, making them suitable for handling corrosive or abrasive media. Gate valves are excellent for on-off control in large-diameter pipelines, featuring a sliding gate to control the flow. Each type of control valve has unique advantages, and the selection depends on factors like fluid properties, pressure, temperature, and the specific requirements of the process or system they are intended to serve.

Control Valve Specification

Design Standards ASME B16.34
BS 7174 P4
Valve Size DN 40
Operating Temp ~82K
Maximum Temp ~310K
Maximum Allowable Working Pressure (MAWP) 3.0 bar (a)
Max. Mass Flow Rate ~98 g/s
Allowable pressure Drop ~25 mbar
Signal 4-20 mA
Valve travel 0-100% linear
Air Supply 5.5 – 6.0 bar(g)
Application & uses Liquid Dump Valve on a separator or treater
Gas Back Pressure on any production vessel
Pressure Reduction on a compressor
Food Processing, Pharmaceutical and Brewing Systems

Control Valve Stock Availability

Stainless Steel Control Valve

Stainless Steel Control Valve

Stainless steel valves have a high level of corrosion resistance and are made of steel, making them exceedingly durable. Steel valves are unaffected by extremely high or low temperatures. Often, brass or plastic valves are only rated for a smaller temperature range than steel valves.

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Carbon Steel Control Valve

Carbon Steel Control Valve

Carbon steel valves are utilised in hydraulic-based applications because to their outstanding resistance to the corrosive tendencies of water and other liquids. Its high carbon content improves the valve mechanism and it has great mechanical qualities, a long lifespan, and all of these attributes.

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Cast Iron Control Valve

Cast Iron Control Valve

Water and sewer systems, plumbing, and air conditioning in buildings, as well as utility systems at a variety of industrial sites, typically use cast iron valves.

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Alloy Steel Control Valve

Alloy Steel Control Valve

alloy steel valves that meet or surpass governmental and international standards. One of the most crucial characteristics of an alloy steel valve is its three continuous flow operations.

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Control Valve Component Name

Control Valve Component Name

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Control Valves Applications and Uses

  • Distillery Plants
  • Sugar Industries
  • Process Industries
  • Power Plants
  • Refineries
  • Petrochemical Plants
Distillery Plants

Control Valves in Distillery Plants

Sugar Industries

Control Valves in Sugar Industries

Process Industries

Control Valve in Process Industries

Power Plants

Control Valve in Power Plants


Control Valve in Refineries

Petrochemical Plants

Control Valve in Petrochemical Plants

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