Steam Trap


What is a steam trap, and what is its purpose in a steam system?

A steam trap is a vital component in a steam system that serves the crucial purpose of removing condensate and non-condensable gases from the system while preventing the escape of live steam. It acts as a barrier that allows the condensed steam (condensate) to be efficiently discharged, ensuring that the steam system operates optimally.

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Steam traps help maintain the proper functioning of heat exchangers, radiators, and other steam-powered equipment by eliminating condensate and non-condensable gases, preventing damage and improving overall energy efficiency. Their role in maintaining a balanced steam system is essential, as they aid in conserving energy, reducing maintenance costs, and prolonging the lifespan of the steam system components.

Steam Trap

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How does a steam trap work to remove condensation from a steam system?

A steam trap operates on a simple yet effective principle to remove condensate from a steam system. When steam travels through the system to heat various processes or equipment, it loses heat energy and transforms into water, creating condensation. The steam trap's mechanism relies on the density difference between steam and water. As condensate forms, it becomes denser than steam, causing it to accumulate at the bottom of the pipes and equipment.

Based on this density difference, the steam trap functions as a valve that opens and closes. When condensate accumulates, the trap's valve opens, allowing the water to discharge from the system. At the same time, the valve remains closed to prevent live steam from escaping. Once the condensate is expelled, the valve closes again, retaining the steam within the system for continuous usage. This cyclical operation ensures that the steam system remains water-free, maintaining its efficiency and preventing potential damage due to water buildup. Steam traps play a vital role in optimizing the performance and longevity of steam-based processes and equipment by effectively managing the condensate.

Steam Trap Specification

Maximum Codensate Load

Equipment Outlet Piping Size

 Less than 400 lb/hr


400 - 1100 lb/hr


.05 - 1 t/h


1 - 2 t/h


2 - 3 t/h


3 - 5 t/h


Over 5 t/h

2-1/2" - 4"

Available in single/three-port design
Provided with an optional blowdown valve
Available in forged steel/Stainless Steel body with Stainless Steel hardened disc
Easy to clean with built-in Stainless Steel ‘Y’ strainer
Suitable for steam header drain application
Application & uses:
Drip applications
Process applications
Tracing applications
Energy Engineering
Control Flow
Steam Piping Systems
Boiler & Condensate.

Steam Trap Stock Availability

Mechanical Steam Trap

Mechanical Steam Trap

The operation of mechanical steam traps depends on the disparity in densities between steam and condensate. They are useful for a variety of process applications and can continuously flow enormous amounts of condensate. Types include inverted bucket steam traps and ball floats.

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Thermostatic Steam Trap

Thermostatic Steam Trap

The differential in enthalpy between steam and condensate is what the thermostatic steam trap relies on. When the amount of a hydrocarbon inside a capsule attached to a bellow changes, it causes the capsule to expand and shrink.

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Thermodynamic Steam Trap

Thermodynamic Steam Trap

Thermodynamic steam traps combine dependability, ease of use, and operational efficiency. They provide a blast discharge with a clean, tight shut-off and only have one moving part, a hardened stainless steel disc. able to tolerate vibration, freezing, corrosive condensate, extreme heat, and water hammer.

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Steam Trap Component Name

Steam Trap Component Name
Maximum Condensate LoadEquipment Discharge Piping Size
Less than 200 kg/h 15 mm
200 – 500 kg/h20 mm
0.5 – 1 MT/h25 mm
1 – 2 MT/h32 mm
2 – 3 MT/h40 mm
3 – 5 MT/h50 mm
Over 5 MT/h65 – 100 mm

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Steam Trap Applications and Uses

  • Distillery Plants
  • Sugar Industries
  • Process Industries
  • Power Plants
  • Refineries
  • Petrochemical Plants
Distillery Plants

Steam Trap in Distillery Plants

Sugar Industries

Steam Trap in Sugar Industries

Process Industries

Steam Trap in Process Industries

Power Plants

Steam Trap in Power Plants


Steam Trap in Refineries

Petrochemical Plants

Steam Trap in Petrochemical Plants

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