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SDNR Valve


What is an SDNR valve, and what does its acronym stand for?

An SDNR valve (also referred to as Stop, Double Non-Return (SDNR) or Stop and Non-Return valve) is a type of valve designed to control fluid flows within pipelines while providing essential functions. SDNR stands for "Stop, Double Non-Return." This device serves three primary purposes: stopping the flow, preventing backflow and assuring fluid travels only one direction.

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When in its closed position, an SDNR valve completely blocks fluid flow. Equipped with two non-return mechanisms that permit forward flow while blocking any reverse flow - effectively preventing backflow and maintaining system integrity. Due to its versatility and reliability, SDNR valves have become widely utilized components across industries that place emphasis on fluid control and backflow prevention.

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SDNR Valves

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How does an SDNR valve differ from other kinds of valves?

SDNR valves stand out from other valves due to their unique features and functionalities. While standard isolation valves simply control fluid flow by opening or closing, an SDNR Valve offers additional benefits: acting as a stop valve when required to stop fluid flow entirely - guaranteeing zero leakage with maximum shut-off efficiency - acting as stop valve when needed and including double non-return mechanisms which only allow fluid in one direction while blocking reverse flow; as well as acting as stop valve.

That prevents backflow, increasing pipeline safety and integrity. Combining these two distinct functions into a single valve makes the SDNR Valve an excellent choice for applications where fluid control and backflow prevention are crucial elements. Where other valves may excel in specific areas but lacked comprehensive capabilities of an SDNR valve makes this valve ideal for many industries and fluid control situations.

What industries and applications commonly utilize SDNR valves?

SDNR valves have become a mainstay in numerous applications and industries, from water supply systems, wastewater treatment plants and sewer networks to oil and gas pipelines, where controlling fluid flow and preventing backflow is crucial to pipeline integrity and the prevention of hazardous fluid reversals. Furthermore, SDNR valves are widely utilized by chemical processing plants, power generation facilities and various industrial processes requiring precise fluid regulation with backflow protection as critical functions.

SDNR Valve Specification

Design Specification DIN EN 13709 STOP Type (DIN 3356)
Working Temperature (°C) -10ºC : +300ºC
Connection Type Flanged, Lugged
Operation Type SDNR
Flange Specification EN 1092-1/B (DIN 2501)
Stem Type Rising Stem
Bonnet Type Bolted
Trim Material Stainless Steel
Pressure Rating (PN) 10/16
Size 50NB — 600NB
Gland Follower Cast Iron , Cast steel , Ductile Iron ,CF8,CF8M.
Application & uses Offshore Oil Wells
Petroleum Industry
Power Plants
Food Processing, Pharmaceutical and Brewing Systems

SDNR Valve Stock Availability

Stainless Steel SDNR Valve

Stainless Steel SDNR Valve

Stainless steel valves are very resilient because of their steel construction and high level of corrosion resistance. Steel valves are unaffected by extremely high or low temperatures. Often, brass or plastic valves are only rated for a smaller temperature range than steel valves.

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Carbon Steel SDNR Valve

Carbon Steel SDNR Valve

Carbon steel valves are utilised in hydraulic-based applications because to their outstanding resistance to the corrosive tendencies of water and other liquids. Its high carbon content improves the function of the valve and also provides superior mechanical qualities and a long lifespan.

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Cast Iron SDNR Valve

Cast Iron SDNR Valve

At numerous industrial sites, cast iron valves are frequently utilised in plumbing, air conditioning, water and sewer systems, and utility systems.

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Alloy Steel SDNR Valve

Alloy Steel SDNR Valve

Alloy steel valves that meet or beyond governmental and international standards. A valve made of alloy steel has three continuous flow operations, which are among its most crucial characteristics.

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SDNR Valve Component Name

SDNR Valve Component Name
  • 1 – Body
  • 2 – Seat
  • 3 – Disc
  • 4 – Stem

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SDNR Valves Applications and Uses

  • Distillery Plants
  • Sugar Industries
  • Process Industries
  • Power Plants
  • Refineries
  • Petrochemical Plants
Distillery Plants

SDNR Valves in Distillery Plants

Sugar Industries

SDNR Valves in Sugar Industries

Process Industries

SDNR Valve in Process Industries

Power Plants

SDNR Valve in Power Plants


SDNR Valve in Refineries

Petrochemical Plants

SDNR Valve in Petrochemical Plants

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